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Orion is different. How different?


  • 1. Why doesn't Orion outsource?

    Orion retains all design and manufacturing skills in-house to ensure complete client confidentiality and compliance with government security regulations.

  • 2. Who uses Orion products?

    Military, Law enforcement and Homeland Security clients use Orion products to provide real-time actionable intelligence from areas otherwise not accessible by video. Local Governments and Councils use Orion products to economically secure remote installation and detect illegal dumping of rubbish. Environmental agencies use Orion products to ensure compliance with regulations and conditions.

  • 3. I have an application that requires remote processing. Can I use Orion's technology ?

    Orion's embedded technology has been used in many applications outside security. The same highly capable processors also power robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Remote telematics. Using our proven platform may save you from costly development work. .

  • 4. How are Orion cameras any different from standard video security and CCTV products?

    Orion's vision platform is more than just a really smart recording system. Built from the ground up as a highly capable edge processor, Orion's FDR and Sentry series of products makes use of advanced embedded intelligence to ensure that information (video, audio, telematics) from the field is accurate, timely and efficient.  Orion's platform can accept video sources from analogue, digital and even USB cameras in addition to industry standard IP cameras.


  • 5. How can I try out Orion products?

    If you live in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines or Greece we have representative that can help you through your requirements. Many Orion products can be demonstrated on-line with live video feeds from actual installations around the world. Contact us for more details.

  • 6. I have existing an Orion product. How do I get the latest firmware updates?

    Contact us for access to our restricted partner portal..

  • 7. I have existing VMS System. Can  I add an Orion camera?

    YES. Orion's entire product range is compatible with all industry standards compliant Video Management Software.

    Orion's FDR, CMS and Sentral products can function as both a video source or receiver.

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Orion creates intelligent vision systems for the real world. From traditional CCTV Video Security to Robots, UAV's and military applications, Orion's embedded imaging processors are at home in the connected world.



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